EvalWorks designs and conducts high-quality research and utilization-focused evaluations using a collaborative approach and mixed-methods design. We collect quantitative and qualitative data that assess theories of action, inform lines of inquiry, enhance program and organizational effectiveness, and provide credible evidence of outcomes and impacts.

Services include:

  • Developing Logic Models and Theories of Action, to identify goals/objectives, activities, outputs, and measurable outcomes.
  • Creating Evaluation Plans, linking goals and objectives to evaluative questions and data collection processes.
  • Conducting Evaluations, including:
    • developing quantitative instruments, such as web and paper surveys, checklists, interview, and observation protocols;
    • using qualitative methods such as key interviews, focus groups, site visits, and case studies;
    • creating data collection systems to capture performance requirements;
    • analyzing data using advanced statistical methods or open, axial, and selective coding; and
    • reporting findings using ideas using principles of data visualization.